My story began in Washington D.C where I was born to a teen mom. Wanting a better life for me she gave me up to be raised by my father’s family. I grew up unaware that the woman who I called "mom" had no biological connection to me. After I found out this hidden truth, I spent many years daydreaming of what it would be like to find my mother.

My teen years were pretty traumatic, you name it, it became a part of my experience. Becoming a single mother at the age of 20, sent me on a life long journey of self discovery, transformation and healing. During this period, I went on a self-love journey. Unfortunately, I would experience the greatest loss of my life. My son Izaiah, passed away at the tender age of two. Finding the strength to pick up the pieces after his untimely death and live a joy-filled life was not initially easy. My faith during this time was all I had.
Throughout the various triumphs and trials that I've experienced in my life, I’ve always found community amongst other women. I became transparent in my dialogue with the women I encountered. My prayers were to be a vessel living without guilt or shame. The blessings that come when you surrender and let spirit guide you. Pouring into other women and being a true example that there is always a way to empower yourself right where you are. No matter what your past looks like. Your future is so bright. Put on your glasses and let’s get it.

My greatest inspiration in this life has been the love and support of my amazing husband and children. 💕💕

Join this Self-love movement,

Mka Morris