Who is Mka Morris?

Mka Morris is a self empowerment coach, motivational speaker, best selling author and co-host of the April & Tomeeka Show. She is an advocate for equality, self-love and women empowerment. Her messages are intentional and encourage YOU to live a power-packed and meaningful life on purpose. Mka is a dedicated wife and mother. She devotes her time to motivating women to seek clarity, tap into their personal truth and visualize a long-term plan to create their own place in the world.

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The April and Tomeeka show, features two black women originally from the east coast, now residing on the West coast! What happens when you get two East Coast girls on the west side? You get the Real with no filter! Join them weekly for engaging conversation, discussing everything, from current events, relationships, social activism, self-care, and finances. April & Tomeeka are passionate about life, family, friends and more importantly their community! Please join them weekly as they take on the tough issues in a thoughtful way. “When conversations get real!”


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